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Сноуборд Endeavor Live Reverse Camber 2010/2011

Для кого: МужскойНазначение: FreestyleФорма: Направленный твин-типВесовой прогиб: RockerМатериал скользяка: SinteredКонвекс: НетЖёсткость по коллекции: мягк. ○○○○ жёст. Индекс жёсткости производителя: 6

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Сноуборд Endeavor Live Reverse Camber 2010/2011 156


талия: 249 mm
Описание производителя

Описание производителя

Street-rooted fine art. Paint splatters and spray paint with a purpose. The Live Series has always been a show piece. In keeping with this style, we chose to use it as Mr. Jago’s canvas. Going to his studio in Bristol, we selected nine of his pieces. We photographed these and applied them to what you are holding in your hands. Designed by Mr. Jago. Freestyle Snowboard for 8 Years. Talented Artist exhibits his work with Endeavor. Mr. Jago is as high profile as it gets - from working with Addict Streetwear to exhibiting in numerous galleries around the world, he has developed a following dedicated to his work (we’re one of them). See more at www.mrjago.com. Johnny crushes with it. One board for the season - this one is it. Pro rider Johnny Lyall hates switching up decks so he depends on the Live Series to be his multi purpose deck. With a mellower flex and an RC available in the 156, Johnny knows he can roll this on a hit line day at Whistler or take it to Brandywine for pillow lines.

Размеры и параметры

Размеры и параметры

Ростовка, см 156
Длина, мм 1560
Рабочая длина, мм 1155
Эффективная длина, мм 1195
Ширина талии, мм 249
Радиус выреза, мм 7500
Ширина стойки, мм 560
Сдвиг закаладных, мм 0
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Эта модель в коллекциях других сезонов

2011/2012 2010/2011
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