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Сноуборд Endeavor Next Reverse Camber 2011/2012

Для кого: МужскойНазначение: All mountainФорма: НаправленнаяВесовой прогиб: RockerМатериал скользяка: SinteredКонвекс: НетЖёсткость по коллекции: мягк. ○○○○ жёст. Индекс жёсткости производителя: 8

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Сноуборд Endeavor Next Reverse Camber 2011/2012 159


талия: 248 mm
Описание производителя

Описание производителя

Straight out of the plastic, this board rails hard. The torsional stiffness and nice even radius holds it down in the chop and has good pop for some quick action airtime. It's nice to get on a brand new board and not have to train your legs for new gear. Being bamboo, we wanted to approach the NEXT graphic like it was old crate that had fallen off the back of the bootleggers truck a few times. The aesthetic speaks to a style of vintage western labeling you'd find on anything from a bottle of whiskey to a crate of embalming fluid. Once the foundation of the graphic was down, we wanted to use the focal point to give each size something unique. Playing cards have always had an ornate and strong design to them so it was a great opportunity to apply different suits to the different sizes. The final touch was finding slogans that embodied both the card suit and Endeavor Snowboards. - Rory Doyle

Размеры и параметры

Размеры и параметры

Ростовка, см 159
Длина, мм 1590
Рабочая длина, мм 1171
Эффективная длина, мм 1221
Ширина талии, мм 248
Радиус выреза, мм 8300
Ширина стойки, мм 622-457
Сдвиг закаладных, мм 0
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