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Barrett's Power Freestyle-Freeride Bananas

Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011

Для кого: ЖенскийНазначение: All mountainФорма: Твин-типВесовой прогиб: RockerМатериал скользяка: SinteredКонвекс: НетЦена по коллекции: $$$+Жёсткость по коллекции: мягк. ○○○○ жёст. Индекс жёсткости производителя: 4

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Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011 Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011 Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011 Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011 Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011 Сноуборд GNU B Pro 2010/2011


талия: 238 mm


талия: 242 mm


талия: 244 mm


талия: 248 mm


Скользяк Sintered 9900 Alloy
Весовой прогиб C2 Power Banana
Сердечник AG2 Eco farmed
Канты Magne-Traction
Усиление Quasi Glass
Боковые стенки EISS 9, UHMW
Крышка Beans Bio
Описание производителя

Описание производителя

Barrett has been fine tuning her pro model for over a decade. She has seen Banked Slalom wins, X Games medals, epic freeriding around the world, steep and deep days at Baker... all the while working with Gnu designers fine tuning flexes, sidecuts, widths and shapes. Barrett's line this year is all C2 Banana Technology with Magne-Traction. C2 is the perfect combination of camber at each end and Banana Tech between your feet... the camber gives the board end to end stability and pop for big landings, critical lines and aggressive riders... the Banana between your feet makes for great carving on hardpack and ice and easy float in power and broken variable snow conditions. Barrett donates a portion of her royalties to Boarding for Breast Cancer and all of her models are handmade at Mervin MFG in the USA with snakeskin BEANS bio polymer top material and fast growing farmed eco wood cores. About the Art: Hannah Stouffer has designed another beautiful B-Pro board. The full length snakeskin textured topsheet compliments the exotic colorful snake lurking beneath the surface. You can almost feel the heat of the jungle rising up from the board. This graphic is hot, like killer snakeskin shoes and handbag hot, like riding as good as you look hot. With Hannah creating the artwork for the B-pro, the hi-end performance is matched by hi-end graphics. See more at: Grandarray.com

Размеры и параметры

Размеры и параметры

Ростовка, см 146 149 152 155
Длина, мм 1460 1490 1520 1550
Эффективная длина, мм 1110 1145 1170 1185
Ширина носа, мм 277 280 285 290
Ширина талии, мм 238 242 244 248
Ширина хвоста, мм 277 280 285 290
Радиус выреза, мм 8100 8100 8200 8300
Ширина стойки, мм 457-597 489-610 489-610 489-610
Сдвиг закаладных, мм 0 0 0 0
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Эта модель в коллекциях других сезонов

2011/2012 2010/2011
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