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Сноуборд Weekend Lodge 2009/2010

Для кого: МужскойНазначение: FreestyleФорма: Твин-тип

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Внешний вид

Сноуборд Weekend Lodge 2009/2010 153 Сноуборд Weekend Lodge 2009/2010 155 Сноуборд Weekend Lodge 2009/2010 157


талия: 250 mm


талия: 252 mm


талия: 254 mm
Описание производителя

Описание производителя

Not too stiff, not too soft. This board is aptly suited for all terrain and for all levels of riding. It's light, snappy, lively, and turns real nice. Above all, it's fun, which is exactly what snowboarding should be, right? 'This board is a Freestyle machine' - Mark Carter. This series is limited to 450 boards across 3 sizes that are made and numbered by hand deep in the mountains of Austria. Here at Weekend we like to think of snowboards as being coveted, not commodities. For our premier season, we partnered with veteran Illustrator Steve Nazar to create the graphics of the Lodge Series. Steve is best known for his work in the 80's with T&C Surf Designs, where he created and illustrated some of the most well known characters and artwork in action sports history. These boards are all about the details, and are 100% hand drawn. Give them a good once over, you never know what you're going to find.

Размеры и параметры

Размеры и параметры

Ростовка, см 153 155 157
Длина, мм 1530 1550 1570
Рабочая длина, мм 1140 1160 1180
Эффективная длина, мм 1190 1210 1230
Ширина носа, мм 292 295 298
Ширина талии, мм 250 252 254
Ширина хвоста, мм 292 295 298
Радиус выреза, мм 8100 8200 8300
Ширина стойки, мм 400 400 400
Сдвиг закаладных, мм 0 0 0
Вес райдера, кг 61-75 70-88 75-95
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