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Технология Flat Kick компании Capita сезона 2011/2012

Flat Kick

With the level of hype surrounding the reverse camber revival, it's clear that this snowboard design theory is here to stay. However, it's how that theory is actually applied that will differentiate board designs and make one ride better than another. With Flat Kick design technology we've tightened the profile radius that blends the shoulders of the board into the tip and tail height. This is a key area that influences the tempo and feel of turn initiation. With traditional larger tip and tail arcs, the loaded camber contributes to a board's acceleration into a turn. On reverse camber boards the contact points are elevated, removing this camber contribution. As a result, the same traditional tip and tail radii would make, the board feel sluggish. Specialized Flat Kick tip and tail arcs combined with elevated reverse camber contact points achieve the ideal tempo into turns. This allows you to have the shorter effective edge of a forgiving, easy to ride, reverse camber snowboard that is still responsive and quick edge to edge.

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