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Технология B.S. Tech Base компании O-Matic сезона 2010/2011
Технология B.S. Tech Base компании O-Matic сезона 2010/2011

B.S. Tech Base

Imagine a perfect mix blend of butter, sugar and caffeine to achieve the perfect amp. Snowboarding's evolutions continues here at Omatic with our industry first, patent pending, B.S. (bowed surface) base technology. Featured exclusively on the Extr-Emo, our B.S. Technology combines reverse camber with an industry first 3-Dimensional Bowed Surface technology. OK ok, we know what you're thinking and you may well be asking yourself what the heck are you guys talking about? Well here's the low down. Our B.S. Technology combines reverse camber with a convex base profile that lifts the edges off the snow or jib surface between the contact points while the center of board remains directly in contact; creating a loose ride that eliminates the much feared armageddon edge-catch. Originally developed by our design robots to give a little somethin' somethin' to take the edge off those boilerplate park days and street rail sessions, B.S. Technology provides increased maneuverability and a lively ride on all types of terrain. Our B.S. Technology has the greatest mix of ease and versatility in any condition. Whether your hucking 10's, pressing a box or floating thru powder B.S. Tech provides a forgiving non-edge catching feeling that allows you to pull off even the most difficult tricks.

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